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Beauty Blender Shadeshifter
Beauty Blender Shadeshifter

Beauty Blender Shadeshifter

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Makeup shouldn’t be about rules - bring the fun back in with Beautyblender® Play!

No matter what look you’re creating, the one-of-a-kind foam blends makeup to a flawless airbrushed finish. With exclusive colour-changing technology, your Shadeshifter Makeup Sponge will transform from a neon lemon to a bold blue in warm water.



- Wet Beautyblender in warm water to see it change colour.
- Squeeze out excess liquid.
- Bounce across skin with your favorite complexion product for a flawless skin-like finish.
- Cleanse with an ample amount of Blendercleanser® after each use.
- Rinse and blot tools, then allow to dry completely in a clean, well-ventilated area.