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Kids Probiotic Gummies
Kids Probiotic Gummies

Kids Probiotic Gummies

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For: Kids

What is it? There are many benefits of taking probiotics, especially for kids. Probiotics may help to support digestive health by helping to balance the bacteria in the gut and promoting regular bowel movements.

The normal methods of support for gut health can be tricky, especially with picky eaters, and that's why Novomins created their delicious Kid's Probiotic Gummies.

These gummies are filled with 500 million CFU of friendly bacteria in a delicious strawberry-flavoured gummy. So, whether you're looking to support your child's digestive and immune health or just want to give their wellness routine a boost, Novomins kids kind tummy gummies are the perfect choice.

Targets: digestive and gut health, picky eaters


  • Chew 1 gummy daily for optimal results, or as directed by your healthcare professional.